Study shows that RNA Plus DNA profiling significantly enhanced Drug Matching

RNA Plus DNA profiling significantly enhanced Drug Matching

Recent study published in Nature Medicine (Rodon et al, Nature Medicine volume 25, pages 751–758, 2019) showed that molecular profiling using both DNA and RNA significantly enhanced therapy recommendation and patient outcome.  A third of the studied patients got drug therapy recommendation when both RNA and DNA testing was performed.

Genomic testing cooperative (GTC) offers combined RNA and DNA profiling without significant increase in cost.  Order GTC Solid Tumor PLUS or GTC Hematology PLUS for proper RNA and DNA profiling.

In addition to DNA profiling (SNV, indels, TMB, and MSI), thorough molecular profiling requires RNA profiling.  GTC RNA testing provides important information on fusion/translocation (ALK, ROS1, RET, NTRK, BCR-ABL1, EWRS1, ..), expression levels (MYC, Ki67, PDL1…) and exon skipping (MET exon 14, NTRK…).

•    Reference:
– Rodon J, et al “Genomic and transcriptomic profiling expands precision cancer medicine: The WINTHER trial” Nature Med 2019; 25:751-758.


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