Liquid Biopsy – Pain Free

Liquid Biopsy for Patients

A Less Invasive Option for Tumor Profiling

A liquid biopsy is a recent advancement in the diagnostic field that allows physicians to use a blood draw in lieu of bone marrow biopsy for hematologic cancers. It can also be a useful tool for monitoring patients with solid tumors.

Because bone marrow biopsies and traditional biopsies can be painful and invasive, this offers a patient a less invasive way to have their tumor profiled and monitored. It is also useful alternative for patient who cannot undergo a biopsy procedure.

The test looks for DNA/RNA that the tumor has sloughed off into the blood stream. It can provide insights into the cancer that are similar to a tissue sample.

Liquid Biopsy for Patients


Liquid biopsies are useful for:

    • Detecting the presence of cancer and profiling the tumor
    • Monitoring response to treatment
    • Ongoing surveillance to detect if a relapse of the disease has occurred

How it works:

    • A patient provides a blood sample
    • The sample is sent to a lab for analysis
    • Our lab uses advanced DNA/RNA sequencing technology to look for cancer cells that are circulating in the blood
    • We analyze the results using algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), then send a report back to your physician that may offer insights to the tumor and therapies that may be effective