Genomic Testing Cooperative is a highly innovative, dynamic, fast growing private company. Our healthy growth stems from our in-house expertise and world renown leadership, coupled with a great scientific team that is dedicated to the on-going advancement of cancer diagnostics and precision medicine around the world.

GTC is focused on tumor profiling using next generation sequencing to analyze DNA & RNA for hematologic and solid tumors. Our team has developed a proprietary interpretation software that utilizes deep learning to rapidly crunch large data sets and provide unparalleled insights into a patients’ disease. We provide physicians and patients accurate and personalized analysis to expand treatment options and help advance the practice of precision medicine.

As a fast-growing business, we do consider outside investment to support our growth and fuel our expansion. Our company valuation is regularly evaluated and compared to the industry landscape, revenue, market share and multiples.

Why GTC?
– Solving a real need: proven by our sales and rapid expansion
– Market product fit: recognized nation wide and a global need
– Double digit growth
– Seasoned management with solid strategy
– Great execution that demonstrates performance

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