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    Why GTC


    Both DNA and RNA analysis for a complete analysis of your tumor 

    Only a handful of tests that can capture everything and only require a small sample.

    Only 5-10 days of wait time 

    Constantly improving methods that incorporate AI and machine learning 

    Other Labs

    Only DNA analysis which can miss important information about your tumor

    Large and complex test menus that can only test for a tiny bit of information about the tumor which can easily cause the physicians to run out of samples and make mistakes about your treatment

    14-28 days of turn around times 

    Old methods that are not the most ideal and effective to understand your situation

    WHY GTC?

    • GTC uses both DNA and RNA for complete, detailed answers while many labs use only DNA which can miss important information regarding patient’s tumor
    • GTC’s simplified menu provides comprehensive tests for all kinds of tumors including hematologic melangincies and solid tumors. Many labs use many tests that can only do a small piece of GTC tests. Physicians may need much more samples from you than GTC will ever do.
    • GTC’s turn around time is 5-10 days, you only need to wait 10 days max while other labs require you to wait more 14 days minimum, usually 20 days.
    • Our Co-op model offers cost and efficiency in services that we pass along to members, GTC offers cost-efficient services while other labs cost much more for inferior services.
    • GTC is constantly improving its testing in AI capabilities to help improve patient care, uses new methods that improve constantly and incorporate AI and machine learning. With these methods, GTC has high success rates even for difficult samples. Other labs use old methods that are not ideal and effective for analyzing your tumor. This prevents them from being successful with difficult samples.