What makes GTC Unique

1. Comprehensive tumor profiling using targeted DNA and RNA panels

2. Fast turnaround time of 5-10 days

3. Menu covers solid tumors, hematologic malignancies and liquid biopsy

4. Proprietary AI software’s built specifically for our testing platform provide unparalleled analysis capabilities


  • GTC uses targeted DNA and RNA for complete answers, not partial results – A targeted approach provides high sensitivity and specificity across a large set of genes. Our RNA goes beyond fusion detection, also analyzing exon skipping, alternative splicing and gene expression.
  • GTC’s simplified menu provides comprehensive tests for all kinds of tumors including hematologic malignancies and solid tumors – Because our testing covers both solid tumors and heme malignancies, we can detect patients with two types of cancers and provide comprehensive answers up front to give clinicians a better understanding of their patient’s tumor biology
  • GTC’s turnaround time is 5-10 days – GTC is constantly pushing the envelope to get results out faster.
  • Our Co-Op model is unique – We share our NGS and AI technology with labs, hospitals and others who want to provide NGS testing at their site to patients.
  • GTC is constantly improving its testing and AI capabilities to help improve patient care – Our testing is constantly evolving with the science through our Living Assays™. Every day our testing gets better and our AI gets more accurate.
  • We publish with our Co-Op members – GTC is routinely published in top tiers journals and collaborates with our co-op members on these publications.