What is a Cooperative Model?

GTC offers a cooperative testing model so we can all work together to improve community access to comprehensive genomic profiling and  advance scientific discovery.

GTC works with laboratories, hospitals, pathologists, oncologists, and other medical professionals to improve access to cutting edge technology at an affordable price by sharing resources and expertise.

Gain access to advanced technology, molecular expertise, and a pipeline for innovation and development of new tests. Our entire menu of tests is well validated and covered by Medicare. The menu covers solid tumors, hematologic neoplasms and we offer liquid biopsy testing options. 

GTC utilizes technology innovations that integrate artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms within our informatics tools.  These tools enable faster turnaround times of results, comprehensive reporting including targeted and immunotherapy recommendations and clinical trial options.

GTC is the only lab providing a living assay

Two ways to work together

Outsourcing Model
Low NGS volume

  • Send out reference lab model
  • Comprehensive reporting with Co-Op members logo and name
  • Cooperation between GTC and Co-Op member, sharing of resources and open participation in research and development

Internalization Model
High NGS volume

  • Internalization model
  • Satellite wet lab within Co-Op members facility
  • Data analysis and reporting by GTC artificial intelligence systems
  • With the Co-Op model labs can take advantage of starting your own revenue generating next-gen sequencing testing
Arvantages of a coop business model

Advantages of a Co-Op genomics laboratory

  • Access to state-of-the-art genomic profiles to improve patient care.
  • Access to advanced technology, molecular expertise, and a pipeline for innovation and development of new tests.
  • Advanced informatics tools that utilize artificial intelligence.
  • Reduced turn-around-time and send-out costs.
  • Access to reimbursable tests for immediate revenue potential.
  • Standardization of NGS testing and reporting.
  • Support with lab set up, validations, SOP’s and analysis.

How we do that?

Like all disruptive companies, we value engineer the process and figure out ways to save money without sacrificing quality that traditional companies can’t or won’t adopt because they’re used to doing business a certain way. Change can be hard. Genomic testing is moving fast, and innovation is happening faster which has allowed a rapid drop in the cost of testing. At the dawn of the new millennia, the first human genome was completed at the cost of billions of dollars over several years with large teams of scientist putting the puzzle pieces together. Today it can be done in about a day for a small fraction of the cost by a few people. We utilize cost-effective tools like secure cloud server’s vs building server clusters which need a team of IT workers to maintain. We embrace machine learning to help interpret data quicker which allows our team of scientists to do more. We offer fewer tests which allow us to optimize our sequencing runs so we can run more samples to lower the overhead. And that’s just a few highlights of how we do it to help save the healthcare system money.

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