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      Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) offers all types sequencing services for research projects and clinical trials. We provide a wide range of capabilities from Sanger sequencing to next generation sequencing. All projects are performed in our CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory by Clinical Laboratory Specialists (CLS).

      Types of Pharma and Research Support Services We Offer:

      • Next-gen sequencing
      • Sanger sequencing
      • RNA-analysis
      • Solid tumor research
      • Hematology research
      • Liquid biopsy
      • Custom assay development
      • AI analysis
      • Bioinformatics support
      • CDx development
      • Biomarker discovery

      Why GTC:

      • Our Co-Op model allows cost-efficient services
      • Rapid turn-around time
      • Project scalability
      • Data privacy
      • Robust AI and deep learning platform to help with report interpretation
      • World class expertise in both hematologic cancers, solid tumors and immuno-oncology
      • Education, training, and information provided to members and collaborators
      • Opportunity to join our Co-Op and collaborate with members for innovation
      • Access to big data

      We can provide several standard tumor profiling panels or we can collaborate on custom panel development for projects in the field of oncology and immuno-oncology. All studies have optional bioinformatics support and access to our deep learning tools or GTC can deliver raw data files for interpretation with your own tools.

      Standard panels we have validated:

      GTC has a collaboration agreement in place with laboratories to perform IHC and flow cytometry and can perform additional services and capabilities beyond sequencing if your project requires it.

      Contact Us to learn more about our model of cooperation