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Genomic Testing Cooperative Lab

Don’t Accept Partial Results

GTC Provides Comprehensive Answers

Cancer is a complex disease requiring comprehensive answers. Only a comprehensive answer will allow medical professionals to make the highest quality care decisions for their patients.  At GTC we analyze both DNA and RNA which gives the best possible answers based on our current knowledge.

Most labs have hundreds of tests that offer only bits and pieces of the answer about their patient’s tumors leaving the treating medical professional to try to put the pieces together. Physicians frequently run out of sample to complete the testing in search of the right answer, leaving them with only partial results to treat their patients. When you have partial answers patients may suffer and get the wrong treatment.

Genomic Testing Cooperative Lab

Unlike many other labs, GTC’s test menu is simple consisting of a handful of tests for both solid and hematologic cancers. These tests provide comprehensive answers utilizing next generation sequencing which gives detailed insight into what is driving the cancer. Our testing is always being updated incorporating new information as it becomes clinically relevant.

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