Program for Reducing

Cancer Disparity

An Initiative by Genomic Testing Cooperative

What is cancer disparity?

Cancer affects racial, ethnic, and social groups differently.  Ethnic and racial minorities, impoverished people, sexual and gender minorities (LGBT+) are typically affected more negatively with cancer.  The basis for this disparity is often late detection of cancer, poor access to precision medicine, not included in clinical trials and not adequately evaluated for potential difference in the biology of their cancer.

Program for Reducing Cancer Disparity

What GTC is doing to 
reduce cancer disparity?

Cancer disparity in ethnic groups

Reducing Cancer Health Disparity Program

GTC is establishing a program offering comprehensive molecular testing (DNA+RNA) to patients with cancer who are affected by cancer disparity and unable to pay due to lack of coverage of this type of testing. Testing is provided at no cost to these patients and funded through our donation program.

GTC is committed to donating 
5% of its annual testing volume

How can this program help reduce disparity?

GTC’s comprehensive genomic testing will provide the treating physician and patient with a proper diagnosis, all relevant biomarkers, classification of the tumor, help in determining prognosis, selecting therapy and in developing a strategy for treatment that is specific for the patient.

Minority access to 
precision medicine

The molecular report provides information regarding potential clinical trials that will help the patients evaluate their options to participate and be treated on these clinical trials.

Participation in 
treatment decisions

Participation in this program will increase access to those underserved and reduce disparity within our community cancer care.

Enrollment in 
clinical trials

In addition, the data generated from this program will be de-identified and shared with various academic and scientific groups for the purpose of developing more personalized cancer treatment for each group of patients.

Understanding cancer in 
diverse groups

How is this program funded?

At GTC, we believe all patients with cancer should have the right to have their cancer comprehensively tested and all options for management and treatment to be discussed and explored. As a cooperative organization, we are aiming to democratize and disseminate precision medicine. We are doing our part to deliver high quality state-of-the-art molecular tests and making it available to every patient with cancer.  

GTC is committed to donating 5% of its annual testing volume to this program and to help in the efforts to reducing cancer disparity. We are also establishing a fund to support this program and increase the number of patients benefiting from this program. Individual donors and organizations can contribute to this program. 100% of the raised funds will be used to pay for the actual cost of testing.

How can patients access this program?

Patients must be nominated for this program by their physicians. Patients with solid tumors or hematologic neoplasms are eligible for testing. Hematologists and Oncologists can download a simple nomination form, fill in the required information and fax to GTC. Patients can mention this program to their hematologists or oncologists and request nomination for this program.

Patients matched to a precision medicine can request support for paying for their treatment for the matching pharmaceutical company. Here is a guide* to each pharmaceutical companies patient assistance program.
*Guide provided by the Association of Community Cancer Centers