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Are you waiting 21-28 days to receive your NGS results?

Anxiety and Stress?

Most studies suggest that treatment delays lead to worse outcomes. Patients with cancer who have to wait longer for treatment suffer from significant anxiety and stress.

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Genomic Testing Cooperative Lab

NGS is complex testing

Next-gen sequencing is a complex testing methodology compared to traditional diagnostic methods such as FISH, Flow Cytometry, IHC and Cytogenetics and takes longer to perform. Physicians and patients deserve to get the results of a next-gen sequencing test with the shortest possible turnaround time (TAT). Average laboratory TAT is 14-28 days.

Until now

GTC is disrupting this industry standard by offering this complex molecular profiling for cancer in 5-10 days.

You don't need to wait 14-28 days to receive your NGS results anymore

Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) is using disruptive technology and will report results within 5-10 days of receiving the sample.  GTC tests all exons of 434 genes for solid tumors and 179 genes for hematology and provides a comprehensive report within 7 days from receiving a sample at our lab.

Despite this extensive testing and comprehensive reporting, GTC is committed to offeingr these panels at an affordable price.
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We promised to provide our reports in 5-10 days or less. Actually we do better than that!

Turn Around Time (TAT)