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    NGS Testing

    Next-Gen Sequencing Testing

    Next-gen sequencing is the engine that powers precision diagnostics, which in turn, powers precision medicine. Cancer diagnostics are evolving faster than ever due to the adoption of this technology and growing in importance. This technology helps medical professionals better understand their patient’s tumors, discover actionable biomarkers and make the proper clinical decision for the proper patient.

    Advantages of using next-gen sequencing:

    • Detailed interrogation and analysis of a tumor’s genome (coding DNA) and resulting changes (RNA) as well as of the patient’s constitution
    • Offers insights to a patient’s prognosis and helps predict response and outcomes
    • Is now more cost effective than old conventional methodologies such as FISH
    • Turnaround time is getting shorter making next-gen sequencing more practical for widespread use
    Genomic Testing Cooperative Lab
    Genomic Testing Cooperative Lab

    Why physicians should adopt next-gen sequencing?

    • Deeper insights about their patient’s disease
    • Save time and tissue while getting a comprehensive answer for all biomarkers
    • Avoid multiple costly tests in search of a precision medicine that will be effective