ASH21 Posters

GTC posters at ASH 2021 - Atlanta GA

In partnership with Anthology Diagnostics and Key Genomics,
GTC presented four abstracts at ASH 2021

GTC’s posters from 2021 Convention of American Society of Hematology are now available to be downloaded. Please reach out with any questions.

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Combining cell-free RNA with cell-free DNA in liquid biopsy forhematologic and solid tumors

Combining cell-free RNA with cell-free DNA in liquid biopsy forhematologic and solid tumors

Introducing a novel liquid biopsy approach combining cfRNA and cfDNA sequencing. Our findings demonstrate superior mutation detection with cfRNA, while cfDNA excels in identifying chromosomal aberrations. Elevated cfRNA biomarkers correlate with tumor types, aiding diagnosis. Machine learning predicts cancer types accurately. Host immune response analysis through cfRNA ratios reveals distinct patterns in cancer patients. This integrated approach holds promise for predicting genomic abnormalities and cancer diagnosis

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San Antonio Breast Cancer Review 2023

San Antonio Breast Cancer Review 2023

John Theurer Cancer presents the 2023 San Antonio Breast Cancer Review: This program, based on data presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2023, is designed to provide a review of state of the art information on experimental biology, etiology, prevention, diagnosis & therapy of breast cancer/premalignant breast disease to an audience of academic and private physicians and researchers involved in medical, surgical, GYN and radiation therapy, as well as other appropriate health care professionals

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