HALO Diagnostics and Genomic Testing Cooperative Partner to Advance Early Cancer Detection and Precision Diagnostics

HALO Diagnostics and Genomic Testing Cooperative Partner to Advance Early Cancer Detection and Precision Diagnostics

The companies have come together to provide personalized testing that expands the possibilities of early cancer detection and precision diagnostics.


HALO Diagnostics, a precision diagnostics leader, has joined forces with the Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) to offer innovative, personalized testing to its physician network and 1M+ patients served. This solution combines HALO Diagnostics’ clinical ensemble and image-guided therapies with GTC’s genomic profiling of a patient’s DNA / RNA using liquid biopsy and tissue samples. Together, the companies will help patients on every step of their unique healthcare journey – from detection and diagnosis to prognosis and treatment.

For decades, patients have faced a one-size-fits-all approach to their health. They are now calling for more prompt, personalized care. With this partnership, HALO Diagnostics and GTC are ready to answer this call.

Recent therapeutic approvals in HALO Diagnostics’ core clinical areas such as prostate, breast, and lung cancers have focused on targeted therapies and immunotherapies. Before treatment can begin, patients undergo biomarker testing. This is where GTC comes in: The company’s comprehensive test panels simultaneously query key DNA / RNA alterations, guiding decision making for patients’ treatment plans.

“By bringing together advanced imaging and molecular biomarkers, HALO Diagnostics and GTC will have a unique impact on driving early detection in healthcare,” says Dr. John Feller, Chief Medical Officer at HALO Diagnostics. “We will reduce oversights common in individual diagnostic tests, making early detection, minimally invasive therapies, and precision-focused healthcare possible.”

Dr. Maher Albitar, GTC’s Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer, agrees. “Combining imaging with molecular profiling is not only a natural expansion in medical diagnostics, but also provides a unique opportunity for innovation in the era of artificial intelligence.” He adds, “We are very excited to be working with HALO Diagnostics. This collaboration will save patient lives and accelerate the development of key radiogenomic biomarkers.”

With this partnership, the innovation is just beginning.

GTC recently showcased Liquid Trace™, its latest liquid biopsy test that combines cell-free DNA and cell-free RNA to improve the test’s sensitivity for diagnosing solid tumours and blood-related cancers, at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting from June 3-7, 2022. The Liquid Trace™ test is now available to HALO Diagnostics’ patients indicated for this precision-focused approach.

About HALO Diagnostics
At HALO Diagnostics, we recognize every patient is unique. Our focus is saving lives through early detection with precision diagnostics, preventing and conquering the top health diseases having a geometric impact on patient outcomes. We accomplish this with a personalized diagnostic ensemble including advanced imaging, genomics, non-invasive liquid biomarkers, and community-based data at scale combined with deep learning algorithms. By optimizing all these solutions under the HALO Diagnostics platform, we provide a one stop patient and referring physician experience and rapid, precise, actionable results to enable life-changing both early and late-stage treatments.

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About Genomic Testing Cooperative
Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) is a privately-owned molecular testing company located in Irvine, CA. The company operates based on a cooperative (co-op) business model. Members of the co-op hold type A shares with voting rights. The company offers its patron members a full suite of comprehensive genomic profiling based mainly on next generation sequencing. The co-op model allows GTC to make the testing and information platform available to members at a lower cost because of a lower overhead.

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