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Time Matters on Health Tests [TAT-NGS]

Turn Around Time, Turnaround Time, TAT, NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), Next-Gen, NGS, TTI (Time to Treatment Initiation), GTC

We’re always competing with ourselves on improving turn around time (TAT) because we know patients depend on the results Most studies suggest that treatment delay leads to a worse outcome Patients with cancer who have to wait longer for treatment suffer from significant anxiety and stress Physicians and patients deserve to get the results of […]

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INTERVIEW: Introduction to Genomic Testing Cooperative by Dr. Maher Albitar

Introduction to Genomic Testing Cooperative

A quick interview from Genomic Testing Cooperative founder, CEO/CMO, Dr. Albitar, introducing Genomic Testing Cooperative answering questions about it… Get all the  answers by watching the following video:  What is a precision diagnosis? What makes GTC different? What is the Co-Op model? How does GTC deliver value in genomic testing? How does GTC use […]

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