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A Word from Dr. Maher Albitar

Chef - Presenter

Cooking or cookery is the art, technology and craft of preparing food for consumption with or without the use of heat. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, from grilling food over an open fire to using electric stoves, to baking in various types of ovens, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions and trends. The ways or types of cooking also depend on the skill and type of training an individual cook has.

Dr.Maher Albitar

GTC - Maher Albitar, M.D.


Targeted Immunotherapy

What makes TI-Match so important for cancer patients?

1 Oncologists and pathologists are struggling to keep up with the advances in precision medicine. New therapies and biomarkers are coming to market at an accelerated rate. In addition to new biomarkers new indications for existing therapies and biomarkers are being developed. 

What makes this test different or better than others?


The problem is not always there is lack of knowledge about what to test for but often times a lack of tissue to do comprehensive testing associated with traditional diagnostic methodologies.

How would you go about ordering this test?

3 TI-match combines DNA and RNA sequencing and provides a complete patient molecular signature with targeted and immuno therapy recommendations. 

What would a physician do with the results?


Sequencing DNA and RNA for solid tumors covering 434 genes and detects micro satellite instability. This aids in the diagnosis of numerous types of cancers.

What is CHIP?

CHIP is the cumulative effect of damage to your DNA over the course of your lifetime caused by the environment, lifestyle and dietary choices. This includes smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fried foods, and just plain living a normal daily life. CHIP is now being considered for testing annually for patients over the age of 50. An increase in this biomarker in the blood is being investigated an early sign of disease.

Genomic testing cooperative

What happens if I have CHIP?​

You will work with your physician to review the results and determine a monitoring plan that is right for you which could be as simple as a daily aspirin. Consult your physician before doing anything. We are just beginning to validate this technology and are looking for physicians to collaborate with.

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Good people. Good words.

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London, uk
Thank you for such a lovely experience – a thai cooking class in Thailand is just awesome! Thanks for answering all our questions, telling us so much interesting info and helping us to cook authentic thai food!
New York, NY
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Quebec, Canada
Thank you for a marvellous morning – I so enjoyed learning about Thai cooking and food and most of all enjoyed your company. You have such a way about you, I can't describe it but I feel touched by coming here into your family's home.
New South Wales, Australia

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