Genomics beyond drug selection: Using DNA and RNA data

Marriot hotel Cicago



Date (start):

September 23, 2023

Date (end):

September 23, 2023


Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile


Admission Fee: 

$ 199

About this event
This workshop is designed for oncologists, pathologists, oncology nurses and other medical professionals involved in patient care for cancer patients.

Attendees will learn about:
a. Clinical application of NGS data in clinical practice
b. The use of artificial intelligence in NGS data analysis
c. Advances in liquid biopsy technology
d. How to use NGS in solid tumors and hematology

Speakers will include:
Dr. Maher Albitar, MD
Dr. Andre Goy, MD
Dr. Ahmad Charifa, MD
Dr. Hong Zhong, Ph.D
Dr. Alexander Ewing, MD
Dr. Katherine Linder, MD
Dr. Andrew IP, MD

Date and time:
Saturday, September 23 · 7am – 5pm CDT

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