GTC Solid Tumor profile plus

GTC-Solid Tumor Profile Plus test combines the analysis of DNA with RNA to provide comprehensive evaluation of cancer that includes detection of single nucleotide variation, copy number variation, expression and fusion. This include testing of abnormalities in 434 genes and expression/fusion in more than 60 genes.


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Keep in mind that we do not accept blood samples directly from individuals. Talk with your M.D. to fill out the form for you.

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Specimen Requirements:

  • FFPE: 1 H&E slide and 6-8 unstained slides, 5-7 microns of tissue fixed with 10% NBF fixative. Please circle tumor for microdissection. Alternatively, the FFPE block can be sent for tumor circling and cutting at our laboratory.



Ship using cold pack. The cold pack should not directly contact Blood or BM specimen. Ship As soon as sample collected with overnight delivery.

Turn Around Time: 7 days

Genes Tested for mutations


Genes Tested for Fusion, Mutations, and Expression

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